Named after the beautiful, enduring Norwegian mountain range, Dovre’s wood-burning, multi-fuel, electric and gas stoves and fires come from 60 years of experience crafting innovative, high-performance heating products built for the harshest Arctic winters. Built to last Scandinavian winters, you can rely on premium quality, cast iron Dovre fireplaces, stoves and accessories. In fact, Dovre’s manufacturing expertise with premium grade cast iron is such that all cast parts on their wood-burning stoves and fireplaces come with a 5-year guarantee. With expertly crafted wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves as well as highly convenient gas and electric models, there is a Dovre for every home.

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Dovre Cast Iron Stoves & Fireplaces

Dovre 250 Cast Iron Stoves-0

Dovre 250 Cast Iron Stoves

Dovre 280 Cast Iron Gas Stoves-4811

Dovre 280 Cast Iron Gas Stoves

Dovre Astroline 4CB Cast Iron Stoves-4887

Dovre Astroline 4CB Cast Iron Stoves

Dovre wood burning stove

Dovre Vintage 35 Cast Iron Stoves

Dovre Vintage 50 Cast Iron Stoves-0

Dovre Vintage 50 Cast Iron Stoves