Jydepejsen A/S is a well-established Danish company, which has worked on the development of the design and optimal use of the characteristics of fire since 1979. They attach great importance to producing high-quality wood-burning stoves which are easy to use, stylish in design and have low particle emission to the benefit of the environment. Jydepejsen considers the development of new products to be an ongoing process, with the focus not only on the design but also on how the combustion technology can be optimised. A wood-burning stove is an experience for our senses – watching the dancing flames and listening to the faint crackle of the fire gives you a wonderfully pleasant and relaxed feeling.

Download Jydepejsen brochure:

Jydepejsen Brochure

Cosmo 971

Jydepejsen Cosmo

Cosmo Porcelain White

Jydepejsen Cosmo Coloured

Country 575

Jydepejsen Country

Cubic W200

Jydepejsen Cubic

Elegance Junior

Jydepejsen Elegance

Jydepejsen H530-0

Jydepejsen H530


Jydepejsen Mido


Jydepejsen ORO

Panorama stove - 1200

Jydepejsen Panorama


Jydepejsen Senza


Jydepejsen Sigma


Jydepejsen Sirius/Orion

Troja 44

Jydepejsen Troja