Wessex Stone

The Wessex Stone workshops lie deep in the heart of the rural Gloucestershire countryside on the outskirts of the Cotswold market town of Tetbury. From this specialised site, English Heritage approved masons hand craft millions of years old natural limestone into beautiful and ornate fire surrounds.

Each stone component is carefully selected for its quality and colour match before being skilfully shaped by mallet and chisel in the time honoured fashion that has remained largely unchanged for well over two thousand years.

Ashton stone fireplace

Ashton Stone Fireplace

Bauhaus stone fireplace

Bauhaus Stone Fireplace

Berkeley stone fireplace

Berkeley Stone Fireplace

Clearwell stone fireplace

Clearwell Stone Fireplace

Colchester stone fireplace

Colchester Stone Fireplace

Eastnor stone fireplace

Eastnor Stone Fireplace

Hadleigh stone fireplace

Hadleigh Stone Fireplace

Helmsley stone fireplace

Helmsley Stone Fireplace

Hereford stone fireplace

Hereford Stone Fireplace

Iona stone fireplace

Iona Stone Fireplace

Islay stone fireplace

Islay Stone Fireplace

Loarre stone fireplace

Loarre Stone Fireplace

Ludlow stone fireplace

Ludlow Stone Fireplace

Montgomery I stone fireplace

Montgomery I Stone Fireplace

Montgomery II stone fireplace

Montgomery II Stone Fireplace

Montgomery III stone fireplace

Montgomery III Stone Fireplace