ACR Neo3F Multifuel Stove

  • Multifuel grate
  • DEFRA exempt
  • Powerful airwash
  • Easy maintenance
  • The Neo3F has four short cylindrical legs making it ideal for installing into fireplaces as well as freestanding installations.

    Supplied with a multifuel grate as standard with an optional woodburning grate available, the Neo can burn both wood and a variety of smokeless fuels.

    Clean and Easy

    Being DEFRA exempt, you can burn wood on the Neo3F in smoke-controlled areas so whether you live in the town or the country, you can enjoy a real fire.

    The large glass pane is kept clean by the powerful airwash giving an expansive view of the fire.

    For ease, the controls are operated from a single control on the front of the stove.

    Removing the ashes couldn't be easier - the ashpan slides out towards you and a convenient carrying lid is then slotted into place allowing you to carry the ashes out without the worry of them getting blown about in the wind.

    ACR Neo3F Multifuel Stove flame effect

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