ACR Novus Multifuel Stove

  • 5Kw output
  • DEFRA-exempt
  • SIA EcoDesign
  • Low CO & particle emissions
  • High efficiency
  • Multifuel capability
  • Striking focal point
  • Black glass front
  • Ceramic top panel
  • Large glass door
  • Powerful airwash
  • With its black glass front and gloss black ceramic top panel, the Novus creates a striking focal point. The large glass door is swept clean of deposits by the powerful airwash. With multifuel capability meaning it can burn wood and smokeless fuels, the Novus creates a striking focal point in any home.

    ACR Novus Multifuel Stove in home

    Clean and Easy

    Being DEFRA-exempt allows you to burn wood even in smoke-controlled areas. The Novus has a 5Kw output. The Novus is also SIA EcoDesign Ready approved meaning that it meets with the EcoDesign criteria which will become mandatory in 2022 already.

    This makes the Novus one of the most environmentally friendly stoves available with low CO & particle emissions and high efficiency.

    ACR Novus Multifuel Stove flame effect

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