ACR Wychwood Gas Stove

  • Realistic ceramic logs
  • Impressive flame effect
  • 6.1Kw output
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Symax remote control
  • Available in Natural Gas or LPG versions
  • Optional MyFire package

The Wychwood Gas stove creates a stunning focal point in any home - with it's clever styling, this model will suit both traditional and contemporary homes. The realistic ceramic logs have been chosen to ensure they not only give a most impressive flame effect when lit, but also look authentic when the stove isn't being operated.

You can even add the optional MyFire package to your stove allowing you to operate the stove from your smartphone or tablet with the handy app. If preferred, you can upgrade to the Symax remote control to allow thermostatic operation and a range of other applications including a child lock for safety.

ACR Wychwood Gas Stove decor

Cutting Edge Technology

The flame effect is so realistic it is hard to tell that this isn't a real log fire. The interior of the stove can be enhanced by fitting the optional black glass panel which reflects the flames for more intensity.

The Wychwood has an output of 6.1Kw and a high efficiency of 85%. Full of cutting edge technology, the stove is supplied with a simple-to-operate remote control allowing you to turn the stove on and up & down.

ACR Wychwood Gas flame effect

Available in Natural Gas or LPG versions, the Wychwood Gas is designed for use with a balanced flue system meaning that you can exit the flue either horizontally from the stove and through the wall to the outside (snorkel kit option), upwards off the top of the stove and then out through the wall to the outside (up and out kit option) or through an existing chimney and terminate at roof level (renovation kit option).

Being a balanced flue, the stove is room sealed which means it takes all of its air required for combustion from the outside. This is done via the balanced flue kit where the combustion air is drawn through the outer pipe and the flue gasses are expelled through the inner pipe.

ACR Wychwood Gas Stove Specifications

Spec Value
Height 602mm
Width 555mm
Depth 347mm
Output 6.1Kw
Input 7.1Kw
Efficiency 85%
Hearth Requirement Superficial non-combustible 12mm hearth required
Weight 80Kg
Flue Type Balanced Flue System

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