Caselli Electric Fireplace

  • 5D flame effect with three flame colour settings
  • A multi-LED effect fuel bed with 13 colour options and a rotation setting
  • Realistic post-flame smouldering smoke effect
  • 7-Day Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control
  • Downlights illuminate the loose logs
  • Panoramic glass screen for optimum flame performance
  • Optional finishes or paint your own
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant


Experience colours like never before

Revolutionary 5D flame effect

A unique patent-pending 5D flame effect offers a mesmerizing performance behind the portrait glass screens for maximum visual impact. Miniature pebbles and ultra-real-looking hand-painted logs rest upon the surface of the fuel bed.

This is further enhanced by a multi-LED effect fuel bed with 13 colour options, creating a glowing ember effect.


Remaining cool to the touch, you will be forgiven and permitted to reach out and admire the handcrafted and hand-painted logs, finished to a level of realism and artistry that will astound you. Locked into place and strategically positioned to create a natural composition, the logs will glow with smouldering illumination when your fireplace is ignited. Switch the flame off to appreciate a realistic post-flame smouldering smoke effect.

For added depth, a secondary internal glowing log bed rests behind the glass, adding a deeper 5th dimension of illusion and enchantment. It’s truly mesmerising.


Caselli Pryzm Electric Fireplace

The Pryzm brings a new dimension to modern-day living. Synching seamlessly with an instant world, the Pryzm delivers immediate heat, with a breathtaking and groundbreaking visual performance. A bold, broad profile boasts a glass screen of cinematic proportions.

Caselli electric fireplace in livving room


The lower stance of the Caselli provides the perfect area to house your television or prized artwork to your wall above. Complete with LED mood lighting situated under the plinth provides infinite colour and brightness settings by using our downloadable App on your smartphone or tablet.

Or simply use the included handheld remote control offering 12 pre-set colours. You can talk to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on the Caselli. With your voice commands you can ask to change the colour and brightness of the LED mood lights to your preferred setting.


Caselli electric fireplace bottom detail


The floor-standing Caselli suite provides all the style and functionality of its big brother, the Camino, with the convenience of an even quicker flat-to-wall installation.

Designed to stretch theatrically across your wall, it will confidently take centre stage. The Pryzm is not only a fireplace but a piece of functioning modern art that will adapt to your mood, your style and your surroundings at the touch of a button.


Caselli electric fireplace top detail


Pryzm fire remote controlRemote control 7-day programmable thermostat

Enjoy a bespoke heating experience with our 7-Day Programmable Thermostatic remote control. With a simple click of a button, the Pryzm remote offers an array of convenient features, benefits, and effects, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Daily & Weekly Programmable Schedule

For ultimate convenience, the Pryzm remote control comes complete with a daily and weekly programmable feature allowing you to preprogram your fireplace to turn on or off, as you wish. With three daily settings, over an entire week, you can ensure that your room is at your desired temperature when you need it most. The fire will automatically turn off as it reaches the end of a scheduled slot, or as soon as the handset detects that your room has reached your preferred level of warmth.  Change of plan? No problem, simply select ‘Advanced Mode’ to override your schedule.


5D Flame Effect

Choose from three entrancing flame effects; deep red, golden amber or a combination
of both. The realistic log bed smoulders showcase intricate hand-finished detail.
Dim the flames back to a smolder and a subtle smoke illusion will rise from the logs.


Open Window Sensor

Should there be a rapid drop in room temperature, your handset will activate the
‘Window Open’ warning and your fire will automatically turn off. As the heat returns, your fireplace will resume as programmed. This energy-saving function ensures that you gain maximum results with no wastage.


Multi LED EffectFuel Bed

The distinctive fuel bed of the Pryzm comes to life as ambient light radiates from beneath pebbles giving the appearance of smouldering embers. Select your desired hue or opt to experience all 13 delightful shades which blend with hypnotic rotation.



Made in Britain fireplace

Made in Britain

Designed, manufactured and hand-finished in the UK, every edge of the surround has been mitred to ensure smooth contours and a flawless finish.

Our collections have clever touches and refinements, pioneered by our in-house technology; another reason why an Elgin & Hall fireplace is the perfect addition to your home.



Contemporary edge

It’s this meticulous attention to detail and the considered refined features, synonymous with the Elgin & Hall brand, which give this fireplace the contemporary edge.

Steeped in heritage, we are proud of our high-quality standards, our craftsmanship and our visionary approach to our projects and designs.




Beautiful finishes

The Pryzm surround is enrobed in a subtle Matt Cashmere painted finish; a soft, warm neutral grey shade which conveniently blends with any interior style or taste. Contrasting beautifully the floating hearth is finished in Anthracite painted finish, complete with an easy clean coating.

Metal inserts in Black Nickel mirror the drama of the panoramic screen and finish the look.



Build quality

It’s the attention to detail which adds to the appeal of the Pryzm.

Using cutting edge CNC machinery to ensure precision, every micro marble surround is constructed, polished and finished to perfection, by hand, before being branded with the Elgin & Hall stamp of approval. Every fireplace is quality checked to the highest standard before leaving the factory.


Caselli Pryzm Micro Marble Fireplace Specifications:

Finish: Ash White painted finish with Vintage Oak Grey finish
or Ash White & Chicago Concrete
Dimensions: W:1350mm (53") x H:1150mm x D:290mm
Hearth: Plinth
Lights: LED Mood Lighting
Remote Control: 7-Day Programmable Thermostatic remote control
Heat Output: 2kW



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