Corner Bell Medium

A magnificent and eye-catching element in your home. Or a small, cosy corner in your living room.

A beautiful gas fire with a special design that allows you to watch the flames from two sides. Or even three sides, unrestricted, thanks to the large front made from ceramic glass.

In the hidden-door version for an uncluttered, architectonic effect. Or emphatically decorative, with a broad frame in the colour of your choice. No matter what, a classy corner.

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Bellfires BOX Gas
Bellfires Gas Fires

Specifications :

Frame: hidden door
Interior: steel panels/steel flat walls
Burner decoration: wood logs/white marble shingles/grey stones
Operating version: thermostatic manual/remote control
Output: 2-8 kW
Combustion system: balanced flue
Gas flue outlet/air supply: Ø 130-200 mm*
Type of gas: natural gas/propane/butane
Convection casing: option
Standard: CE
Weight: 135 kg