Flavel Orchestra – Modern Balanced Flue Gas Fire

The FLAVEL ORCHESTRA MODERN BALANCED FLUE GAS FIRE the perfect solution if you don’t have a chimney but want the warmth and mood of a living flame fire.

If you want the warmth and mood created by a living flame fire yet don’t have a chimney or flue then the Flavel Orchestra modern balanced flue gas fire is the perfect solution. This neat, glass fronted inset fire is framed by a chamfered trim and sleek fret. Safety: Flame Supervision Device (FSD) Type of Heat: Radiant & Convected Heat Input High: 3.8 kW Heat Input Low: 2.5 kW Heat Output High: 2.8 kW Heat Output Low: 1.7 kW Air Vent required: Not normally Builders Opening Sizes: Height: (min) 555 mm (max) 560 mm Width: (min) 410 mm (max) 430 mm