Foxworth Large Inset Electric Stove

  • Realistic flame effect
  • Hand painted loose logs for realisum
  • Up to 2kW heat output
  • 7 Different fuel bed colours
  • 5 flame brightness settings
  • Remote control 7 day programmable thermostat
  • Flame effect only
  • EcoDesign compliant

Essence Fireplaces - Jan 2024

The Foxworth Large Inset has a classic look, with flame settings and a loose log display for realism. Boasting a 45mm rebate making it perfect for any 45mm or 75mm rebated marble or timber surround.

In two sizes, large and small, both inset stoves will fit into a standard 16” back panel cut out.

foxworth large inset electric stove

Ultra Realistic

An inset lightweight stove made from timber, but with the distinct appearance of steel, the Foxworth Large Inset offers an ultra-realistic flame effect and glowing log bed.

Conveniently control the 2kW heat output with the 7-day programmable thermostatic remote control.

A hinged door conceals the controls and creates the feeling of a real stove. 

Foxworth Large Inset Electric Stove flame effect

Foxworth Large Inset Electric Stove Dimensions

Dimensions: H 599mm x W 586mm x D 232mm

Inset depth: 45mm

Heat output: 2kW

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