Kinder Carmelo HE – Hole in the wall Balanced Flue Gas Fire

With its large size and enchanting flame picture the Kinder Carmelo HE hole in the wall balanced flue gas fire is certainly a show-stopper and it provides exceptional performance too.

if you're looking for extravagance combined with exceptional heat output then the Kinder Carmelo HE is the ideal gas fire for you.

With a viewing area measuring 1145mm along with an enchanting flame picture this hole in the wall balanced fluegas fire is certainly a show-stopper, and with a heat output of 6.5kW and 75% efficiency it provides exceptional performance too.

What's more this fire can be installed almost anywherein the home since it uses a balanced flue system with a choice of horizontal flue, verticle flue or chimney conversion flue kits available to choose from. Both log and white stone fuel beds are supplied with every fire.

Safety: Flame Supervision Device (FSD)
Type of Heat: Radiant & Convected
Heat Input High: 9.5 kW
Heat Input Low: 5.5 kW
Heat Output High: 6.5 kW
Heat Output Low: 3.0 kW
Air Vent required: Not normally