Slimline Radiant Inset Gas Fire

  • Available in Black,  Brass, Brushed Steel, Chrome
  • Open Fronted Smartslide and Manual control
  • Suitable for Brick Chimney, Pre-Fabricated Flue and Pre-Cast Flue
  • 5-year warranty
  • Energy Efficiency Class: F

For an open-hearted welcome, this open-fronted fire is hard to beat. You’ll be delighted by how the embers shimmer into life at your command. Just as quickly, the rising flames send out a comforting level of warmth. Note how the Black/Brass finish of this Devotion trim model within its Elgin & Hall fireplace evokes a timeless, home-loving impression. Being slimline it’s ideal for houses with a pre-cast flue.


Slimline Radiant Inset Gas Fire Specification

Finish: Exclusive - Black / Brass / Brushed Steel / Chrome
Devotion - Brass / Brushed Steel / Chrome / Black Nickel
Width: 510mm
Height: 610mm
Inset Depth: 123mm
Inset Width: 352mm
Inset Height: 553mm
Heat Output (min): 1.5/1.3kW or 1.7/1.4kW (Canopy)
Heat Output (max): 3.2kW or 3.5kW (Canopy)
Efficiency: 52% (58% with Xtra canopy)
Energy Efficiency Class: F