VS100 Electric Inset Fire

Add luxury to your living space with the VS100, the ultimate home investment. The VS100 is the smallest of the Solus landscape electric fires at 1 metre in length.

With an option of inset, panoramic or corner aspect you will be spoilt for choice when creating your perfect fireplace

Introducing the Solus Range. The Ultimate Electric Fire

Using cutting-edge technology and innovation to provide instant heat, realistic flames, and adaptive ambient lighting to your living space.

The Solus range is the outstanding result of extensive research and development, meticulous attention to detail, and the highest standard of quality. With a host of unique and innovative features, these appliances are unrivalled in their class.


Simply Beautiful in any Living Space

Instant warmth at your fingertips

V100 Inset

Give your living space a grand centrepiece with our VS100 fire. It can be incorporated into both contemporary and more traditional homes.

The large glass front works well with a variety of mantels, allowing unrestricted views of the fire. With our various options to choose you’ll be spoiled for choice!

VS100 Corner

If you are looking to make a real statement, a corner fire may be the perfect choice.

The highly efficient corner fires allow you to view the beautiful flames from different angles & are available in either left-sided or right-sided options.

VS100 Panoramic

The VS100 in Panoramic mode allows unrestricted views of the fire from all sides of the room at the touch of a button.


Key Features & Enhancements

Extend the atmosphere beyond the fire and into the room using a Solus Ambient Lighting Kit, allowing you to create a further interactive dimension to the environment.

This additional lighting features 15 colour modes and can be controlled by the appliance remote control or via your smart device. The kit features a 3-metre length of RGB LED strip light (with additional 2 metres of extension cable) and up to two kits can be connected to a Solus appliance; the perfect addition to fire suites and media walls

ambient lighting on an electric fire
ambient lighting on an electric fire
ambient lighting on an electric fire

Tri-Light technology

We aim to provide our customers with beautiful, inspiring appliances that change the perception of a traditional electric fire.

With a Solus fire, you are in control of control every aspect of your appliance, from the speed, colour and brightness of the entrancing flames to the enchanting crackling sounds of burning logs, or the complementing ambient lighting of your extended living space.

Ember Glow
Ember Glow
Autumn Campfire
Autumn Campfire
Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice

The unique TriLight technology provides multi-angled, fully customisable dynamic LED lighting to create thousands of unique colour and tonal combinations for the flames and fuel bed. Each can work in harmony with one another or can work independently to create a unique juxtaposed combination to create a truly unique atmosphere. All at the touch of a button.

To provide an insight into the possibilities, all Solus fires come with 6 programmed themes to highlight some of the fascinating lighting combinations that can be created.

The Solus fires can be conveniently controlled in three ways:

  1. Manually using the multi-function panel discretely located on the appliance.

  2. With the intuitive remote-control handset.

  3. Through your smart device (such as a phone or tablet) using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Solus electric fire remote control

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, enhance your user experience with our smart app that enables you to control your appliance from anywhere! The app allows you to set tailored programs, schedule on/off times, set temperatures, design custom light effects, plus much more.

The quick start heat options allow you to select Low Heat, High Heat, or Cool Blow at the touch of a button. Adaptive smart heating allows you to schedule the exact time and date you wish to heat your room and select a desired temperature.

Eco Mode

Prevent waste with the Eco function.  This unique function allows you to reduce brightness and heat settings to minimise fuel consumption.

Open Window Detection Feature

Open Window Detection is an innovative Eco feature that detects a rapid drop in room temperature caused by an open window to save energy. If the room temperature rises or the remote control is operated manually, the heater will return to its normal working state.

Built-in WiFi connectivity

With built-in WiFi connectivity, enhance your user experience with the Tuya Smart app that enables you to control your appliance from anywhere! The app allows you to set tailored programs from anywhere, schedule on/off times, set temperatures, design custom light effects, plus much more.

Manual mode

You control how intense the fire burns

Solus electric fire smart remote control from phone

Packed with Amazing Features

Easy to install

Optimised Heater Position & Minimal visible vents

Wall mountable

Supplied with brackets

Fully ERP Compliant with Eco Function

Convenient multiple control options

6 pre-set Trilight themes

Autumn Campfire
Fire & Ice

Multi-option RGB flame and fuel bed colours

with user preset options

Heat Output – 1.8Kw

3 Heating modes with cool blow function

Open Door/Window detection

7-day programmable timer

with adaptive smart heating

3 independently controlled lighting effects

Flames – colour & Brightness
Under fuel bed – colour & Brightness
Above Fuel bed – colour and brightness


Vision E-Line Solus User and Installer Instruction Manual

Vision E-Line Solus VS100 Dimensions

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